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University of Edinburgh

IFSA offers a study abroad partnership program with the University of Edinburgh. Whether you're drawn to Edinburgh to study literature where J.K. Rowling wrote or to pursue philosophy at the university where David Hume studied, you are sure to find inspiration in the hallowed halls of the university and the cobbled streets of the city. Known for its academic excellence, the University of Edinburgh is a renowned university founded in 1583 in a glorious city dominated by Edinburgh Castle, and is a member of Britain's Russell Group of universities, similar to the Ivy League.

The University of Edinburgh has than 270 societies and 63 sports clubs, including trampoline club, a cappella groups, a baking society, tea society, women in STEM, composers' orchestra and much more. Edinburgh itself has it all - beautiful, spacious parks, urban convenience, transportation links to the UK & Europe, and an unrivaled historical atmosphere.

Scotland is known for its natural beauty, which has caught the imagination of poets and royals throughout history. You’ll be amazed by the fresh air and green rolling hills, with ancient castles as far as the eye can see — past mountains and hilltops and alongside the many lakes (or lochs) woven throughout the highlands up to the rocky coast on the North Sea. It’s no wonder Scotland is the birthplace of golf, since wide green expanses such a large part of the Scottish landscape.

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