IFSA's Reimagining Europe program is an exciting opportunity to examine a Europe in transition to understand the future of business, computer science, technology, media, and Fine arts in Europe and in the world. Diversify your resume with IFSA's unique Professional Development Project research opportunity. Maximize your experience by connecting with IFSA's local network of academics, entrepreneurs, legal experts, Czech- and foreign-owned businesses, hacker spaces, and NGOs. A cutting-edge curriculum offers electives in business, graphic design, information technology, fine arts, communications and media, and a core course that explores Europe in transition.

Prague is a lively city and a compelling vantage point to explore issues relevant to the Czech Republic, Europe and the world. The cost of public transport is small compared to its accessibility and reliability, so you’ll be able to explore other small towns, with baroque churches, medieval castles and chateaus just outside Prague. Prague is very well connected to other European cities like Vienna, Budapest, Cracow, Munich and Berlin — all just a train or bus ride away.  And an inexpensive, reliable and convenient public transportation network within the city, its surroundings, and across the country makes it easy to explore the country outside Prague (also known as the City of a Hundred Spires).

IFSA, a non-profit educational organization, is driven to provide you a high-quality academic and cultural experience with the support services you need, and the fees you don’t – such as no application or transcript fees. Our on-site staff serve as advisors, counselors, and mentors who will help you make the most of your experience and guide you throughout the semester.

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